About S&S

When Hugo Steinkamp, our founder, started S&S Properties, he instilled three core principles in the company. These core principles are the cornerstone of S&S Properties and they are integrity, customer satisfaction, and employee fulfillment. Every day we take his core principles to heart and strive to meet them to their fullest extent.



  • Honesty is our bedrock. We will be straight and upfront with our tenants and we mean what we say.
  • We will treat all of our tenants with respect. All we ask is the same in return.
  • We strive to lead by example and to be held accountable for our actions good or bad and expect the same of our tenants
  • We will stand by our commitment to serve our tenants.
  • We honor all laws and expect a drug free environment at all of our communities.



  • Without our tenants we could not exist. They are the only reason we can operate and thus customer satisfaction is of our upmost importance.
  • We believe the test of our quality comes from leaving tenants satisfied with our service.
  • We take pride in the quality and condition of our communities. We strive to exceed customer expectations, carry out daily maintenance, and look constantly at ways we can improve our communities. Thus, we expect our tenants to value our employees and respect the communities that they call home.


  • At S&S Properties, we want our employees to feel like family. We promote a healthy balance of career, family, physical/mental health, and the overall wellbeing of our employees.
  • We are committed to and welcome the diversity of people, ideas, cultures, and religions.
  • We recognize and promote the pursuit of excellence.

If you feel that we as a company are not fulfilling these core principles, please contact us with your concerns so that we may rectify our mistakes.